October 2000 - September 2001 Sessions

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(A total of 15 Sessions)

September 18, 2001 » Designing Accessible Lodging Facilities

Do all hotel room doors need to meet the ADAAG requirements for clear width? Can sleeping accommodations for guests with hearing impairments be included in the wheelchair accessible rooms? Do all rooms need roll-in showers? This session will provide an overview of the scoping and technical requirements for places of transient lodging under the ADA. In addition, reference will be made to recent U.S. Department of Justice settlements with major hotels throughout the U.S. and resource materials to assist in design and construction of lodging facilities.

August 21, 2001 » Two Tickets Please

There is more to accessing the local movie theater, sports arena, performing arts center, or concert hall than purchasing a ticket and popcorn. This session will highlight the requirements for facility, programmatic and communication access under the ADA while focusing on some of the key issues including ticketing policies, integrated seating, lines of sight, communication and auxiliary aids. Prominent legal and proprietary issues developing in the courts will also be discussed.

July 17, 2001 » ADA Status Report

Our most popular session, join in this annual ADA Distance Learning session with representatives of the U.S. Department of Justice as we discuss recent litigation and the Supreme Court decisions that continue to further define the scope of the ADA. In addition, we will discuss DOJ settlement agreements during the last year and upcoming enforcement priorities.
Chief of Disability Rights Section
U.S. Department of Justice

June 4, 2001 » Documentation of Disability

How can an employer successfully determine whether or not an employee meets the ADA definition of disability to be eligible for a reasonable accommodation? What documentation can an employer ask for? What does the employee need to disclose? What information should the medical official provide? This session will discuss the definition of disability and the issue of credible medical documentation in relation to EEOC guidance and recent case law.
Director of ADA & Equal Employment Opportunity Services
National Employment Law Institute

May 22, 2001 » Supreme Court Docket: Demystifying the Garrett Decision

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that state employees are barred from filing suits seeking money damages because states are immune from such suits under the 11th Amendment of the Constitution. This session will explore the ramifications of the decision for employees of state governments and discuss other avenues for pursuing a resolution of charges of employment discrimination.

May 15, 2001 » Surfing for Electronic Access

Technology is evolving at light speed. How is it improving access for people with disabilities? What are the electronic access responsibilities for public services and public accommodations under the ADA? Join us for a web-based tour of methods and applications for improving electronic access for people with disabilities.
Chief Technology Officer
WebABLE! Solutions

April 17, 2001 » To Complain or Not to Complain? Mediate? or File Suit?: Unraveling ADA Resolution Options

Already talked to the manager or ADA coordinator? Still no resolution and no access to the program or service? What are the options for coming to resolution under the Americans with Disabilities Act? This session will discuss the complaint process, due process, options for alternative dispute resolution, private right of action, and statutes of limitation.
Executive Director
Key Bridge Foundation
Director of Legal Services
Equip for Equality

March 20, 2001 » Accommodating Employees with Psychiatric Disabilities

Accommodating employees with psychiatric disabilities in the workplace is not always as clear cut as providing an accommodation for an employee with a physical disability that may need an accessible workstation or adaptive equipment. This session will identify some of the issues and practical approaches to accommodating employees with psychiatric disabilities in the workplace.

February 27, 2001 » The ABC's of WIA and WIIA

Still trying to figure out the difference between the Workforce Investment Act (WIA) and the Work Incentives Improvement Act (WIIA)? This session will provide a basic overview of the regulations and highlight the relationship to the Americans with Disabilities Act.

February 20, 2001 » What's Wrong with This Picture?

Join us for a web-based presentation on the application (and sometimes misinterpretation) of the ADA Accessibility Guidelines. From the parking lot, to the front entry, and into the restroom, participants will explore "What's wrong with this picture?" and discuss practical solutions to maximize access within the environment.

January 16, 2001 » Home Sweet Home

Residential housing? Rentals? Dormitories? Condo and homeowner associations? Who is covered by what law? ADA, Fair Housing Act Amendment or Rehabilitation Act? Join us as we paint a clearer picture on accessible housing issues such as: does a landlord have to permit a service animal in a 'no pets' building? What modifications and adaptations can be made in rental units? Who has responsibility for adaptations - the landlord or the tenant? What is the responsibility of the condo or homeowner association?So many times in the workplace, accommodating employees with disabilities becomes a reactive process instead of a proactive process. Celebrating the 10th Anniversary of the ADA, this session will highlight the best practices of organizations utilizing disability management strategies to successfully employ people with disabilities in the workplace.
Director of Training
Adaptive Environments
Program Analyst in the Program Compliance and Disability Rights Support Division
Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity - U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development

December 12, 2000 » Best Practices of Organizations Utilizing Disability Management Strategies

So many times in the workplace, accommodating employees with disabilities becomes a reactive process instead of a proactive process. Celebrating the 10th Anniversary of the ADA, this session will highlight the best practices of organizations utilizing disability management strategies to successfully employ people with disabilities in the workplace.
Independent ADA Consultant
Chair of the Rehabilitation Counseling Department and Lead Researcher on Disability Management
Virginia Commonwealth University

November 28, 2000 » Question to the Supreme Court: Is Title II Unconstitutional?

The question as to whether or not Congress exceeded its authority by giving state employees the right to sue their employer in federal court under the ADA continues to be debated. This special session of the ADA Distance Learning series will explore the constitutionality issues and questions before the Supreme Court. There will also be discussion of the previous decisions split amongst the federal circuit courts, the political pressure and the future ramifications for enforcement of Title II.

November 14, 2000 » Status of Rulemaking

Proposed ADA/ABA guidelines, access to public rights-of-way, passenger vessels, playgrounds, outdoor recreation environments...What's happening at the Access Board? Join representatives from the U.S. Access Board for an update on rulemaking under the Americans with Disabilities Act and other accessibility-related legislation.
Director of the Office of Technical and Information Services
U.S. Access Board

October 17, 2000 » Access to Air Travel

Making travel plans this holiday season? From the parking lot and airport shuttle, to check-in, boarding and your final destination, this session will discuss the responsibilities of ticket agents, airports and airlines, under the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Air Carrier Access Act.
Robert C. Ashby